Caring For Your Floors

It is important that we care for our floors.  If we fail to care for our floors they will begin to warp, crack and wear down.  If we have a wood floor it is even more important that we care for them.  We don’t want to have to incur the expense, time and energy in replacing them.

Avoid water

The main thing that you want to do with all types of floors is avoid water.  Water will cause the most damage to any floor or any type of structure that is not protected.  When we have water on our floors, it will cause them to rot, grow mold and worse.  If you spill water, you don’t want it to stand in one place.  You want it to be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid any problems.

Avoid drastic temperature changes

wood floor

Just like water, changes in the temperature will cause your floors to move and adjust.  For example, if you have extreme heat your floors will expand.  If you have extreme cold your floors will contract.  This is going to be true for all the different types of floors you may have.

Clean your floors regularly

You want to clean your floors regularly.  You want to clean your floors every week and you want to make sure that you do a spot cleaning on a daily basis.  If you have a lot of foot traffic or a lot of usage of your floors, you want to tend to them several times a day. 

Cover your floors to protect them

Using throw rugs or other types of temporary coverings will help protect them.  If you are going to be painting the walls or doing any type of construction in the room, you want to cover your floors with a tarp or other protective device.

It all comes down to caring for your floors. The better you do it the longer they will last.

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